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Omron Electronic Components is a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced electronic components, with over 75 years of experience. Extensive product groups include relays, switches,connectors, MEMS flow sensors, pressure sensors, and optical components.Their broad product offering can be found in applications for the communications, transportation, medical, HVAC, appliance, an industrial automation.

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Omron Electronic Components - Photomicrosensors EE-SX Series
The Photomicrosensor is a compact optical sensor that senses objects or object positions with an optical beam. The transmissive Photomicrosensor and reflective Photomicrosensor are typical Photomicrosensors
Omron Electronic Component G6K Low Signal Relays
Introducing Omron Electronic Component's G6K Series Surface Mounting Relay with the World’s Smallest Mounting Area. The subminiature model is ideal for high-density mounting.
Omron Electronic Components Low Signal Relays
Omron leads the world in advanced relay production and quality, assuring reliable performance, and ready stock wherever you manufacture. With over 75 years of experience, Omron continues to apply the latest technologies to offer you smaller, faster and more efficient relays for a wide range of applications.
Omron Electronic Components G5V-1 Low Signal Relay
Ultra-miniature, Highly Sensitive SPDT Relay for Signal Circuits
Omron Electronic Components G7L Power Relay
A High-capacity, High-dielectricstrength Relay Compatible with Momentary Voltage Drops
Omron Electronic Components Miniature Basic Switch D3V
Miniature Basic Switch that Offers High Reliability and Security
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