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Newhaven Display provides the worldwide marketplace with cost effective high quality display devices ranging from OLED and LCD Displays to VFD Displays. In addition to our vast standard part offerings, we develop custom designs for all industries. We pride ourselves on first-rate customer support and development assistance.

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Newhaven Display Color OLED Arduino Shields
Engineered in Elgin, IL USA, the Color OLED Arduino Shields are available in three sizes: 1.27", 1.5" and 1.69" diagonal. Each Color OLED Arduino Shield comes with a serial interface color OLED display module that has a single row pin-out designed for easy breadboarding, can support video, and has all the great display features of Newhaven Display's Full Color OLEDs.
Newhaven Display's Broadline of OLED, LCD, TFT and VFD Displays presents a vast line of display products by Newhaven Display. Newhaven Display specializes in providing quality display products ranging from OLED and LCD displays to VFD Displays and various accessories. Newhaven also offers Custom Display Designs.
Newhaven Display - Enhance your product with full color TFT displays
Newhaven Display offers a wide variety of Active Matrix TFT displays ranging in sizes from 1.8”-10.1” that feature optional touch panels and is available in 3 variations - Standard, Premium and Sunlight Readable. These displays feature bright, vivid colors and have the ability to show fast animations, complex graphics and crisp custom fonts.
Newhaven Display's Full Color OLED Displays
Newhaven Display International Inc.’s full color OLEDs are available in sizes 1.27”, 1.5”, and 1.69”. Featuring 262K colors, these passive matrix displays have a sharper and crisper viewing quality when compared to LCDs because of their rich black levels and 2000:1 contrast ratio.
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Full Color OLED Display
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