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MEAN WELL USA was established in 1999 as a sales and support center for customers in North America and Canada. Located in Fremont California, MEAN WELL USA offers customers local engineering and technical support as well as a local warehouse to provide just-in-time delivery for any power supply requirement. Our trained staff of sales and technical engineers can help you select from a wide assortment of power supplies the best one that fits your needs.

Featured MEAN WELL Products
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Mean Well Power Adapters
Mean Well manufacturers high quality Industry and Medical Adapters. Available in multiple configurations. Includes 3-year warranty services.
Mean Well's Interchangeable Medical Adaptor - GEM18I Series
GEM18I is a highly reliable, 18W wall-mounted style single-output green medical adaptor series, which is compact and convenient to carry. This product is equipped with an interchangeable AC plug (4 types, including European type, USA type, U.K. type and Australian type) which makes the GEM18I very suitable for businessmen to use in the major countries around the globe.
Mean Well AC/DC Medical Power Supply
Mean Well medical grade power supplies feature low leakage current that complies with international medical safety regulations such as UL, CUL, or TUV.
Mean Well USA: HLG Series LED Driver
The most replicated LED driver in the industry, Mean Well's HLG Series is the ONLY true leader in performance and cost. As one of Mean Well's latest fully featured LED drivers, the HLG Series is available from 40 - 600 watts and achieves up to 94% efficiency. Available with all of the popular output voltages and offers PFC, IP65 to IP67, CC and CV, four optional dimming modes, and a 7 yr warranty.
Mean Well Single Output Power Supply - 1000W to 10,000W
For the high wattage industrial power supply product lines, MEAN WELL has provided a variety of 1000W/1500W/2000W/2400W/3000W/5000W/10,000W for users. This product series is an economic power supply with a price for performance range that is top in the industry.
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Mean Well HLG-Series LED Power Supply
Medical Power Supply Overview Video
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Mean Well USA: HLG Series LED Driver
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