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ebm-papst is an innovator and market leader in fans, blowers, and motors with core competencies in motor technology, aerodynamics, and electronics. With over 15,000 products, they provide solutions to a wide range of markets including Air-conditioning and Ventilation, Appliance, Commercial Refrigeration, Heating, Industrial, Lighting, IT / Telecom, Medical, Transportation and more.

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Featured ebm-papst Products
ebm-papst Fans Will Blow You Away
ebm-papst is an innovator and market leader in fans, blowers, and motors with core competencies in motor technology, aerodynamics, and electronics. Their comprehensive portfolio of over 15,000 different products feature the latest designs to maximize efficiency and decrease noise. ebm-papst’s extensive knowledge and resources allow them to consistently supply the optimal air movement solution.
ebm-papst Cooling Solutions for the Lighting Industry - PG1W Series
With high visible light, low radiant energy, and no infrared or ultraviolet light, LEDs are the most efficient light source. While up to 80% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lighting, LED components still generate a considerable amount of heat. ebm-papst's active cooling solutions dissipate that excess heat to increase the LED’s efficiency and service life exponentially.
ebm-papst ACi4400 Series – GreenTech® EC Compact Fan
The ACi4400 series is a fully compatible alternative to the classic 119 x 119 x 38 mm AC fans. By eliminating the use of shaded-pole motors, the GreenTech® EC compact fan reduces energy costs while providing the ultimate combination of high performance, compactness, and efficiency.
ebm-papst 3300N – Providing Greater Efficiency & Quieter Operation
Modern fans are the best means of expelling waste heat from compact devices. Properties such as reliability, robustness and a long service life are top priorities in areas like IT technology and medical applications as well as for solar inverters and frequency converters. The 92 x 92 x 32 mm 3300N fan is designed for just such applications.
ebm-papst RadiCal® – Defining new standards in air movement technology
Featuring higher efficiency and lower noise, ebm-papst's RadiCal impellers offer significant improvements to the market with higher efficiency and lower noise.
ebm-papst 420J Series – Providing Quiet Yet Strong Solutions
Introducing the new and improved 420J product series! These economical 40 x 40 x 28 mm fans offer a higher flow rate at much lower power consumption, all while achieving a significant noise reduction. With its increased performance, the 420J exceeds the current 400J product line.
ebm-papst 3250J: Panther-like quietness from aeroacoustic blade design
Introducing the new 3250J product series! These new high-performance compact fans measure only 92 mm x 92 mm x 38 mm and are ideal for dissipating heat in limited space environments with lower system resistances.
ebm-papst GreenTech® EC Compact Fans
Downgrade costs by upgrading technology! GreenTech® EC Compact Fans from ebm-papst offer the ultimate combination of high performance, compactness, and efficiency.
ebm-papst AC Axial Compact Fans
Wide variety of sizes, airflow rates, and other options
ebm-papst R2E Series Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans
Backward curved centrifugal fans feature extremely long blades to efficiently and quietly accelerate and turn the air flow 90 degrees.
ebm-papst IP68 Rated Fans
These DC centrifugal and tubeaxial fans range in size from 60mm to 190mm and are ideal for applications in harsh environments. The electronics in ebm-papst’s IP68 rated fans are fully encapsulated and cannot be damaged or become unsafe when exposed to water or solid objects (fingers, tools, dust, etc.) This allows optimal and reliable performance in even the most challenging conditions.
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M4Q045 ebm-papst
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M4Q045-BD01-04 ebm-papst
1-9 :$38.22
10-24 :$35.79
25-49 :$33.42
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M4Q045-DA11-04-B01 ebm-papst
1-4 :$58.09
5-9 :$54.39
10-24 :$50.79
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K2E200-AD20-01 ebm-papst AC Fan,Diagonal,230V,50/60Hz,245.5x245.5x90mm,544cfm,85W,3150rpm,Ball Bearing
1-24 :$124.85
25-49 :$112.37
50-99 :$106.97
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K2E200-AD08-02 ebm-papst AC Fan,Diagonal,115V,50/60Hz,245.5x245.5x90mm,479cfm,75W,2750rpm,Ball Bearing
1-24 :$124.85
25-49 :$112.37
50-99 :$106.97
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K3G200-AD21-01 ebm-papst EC Fan,Diagonal,230V,50/60Hz,245.5x245.5x90mm,547cfm,80W,3100rpm,Ball Bearing
1-24 :$277.05
25-49 :$249.34
50-99 :$237.43
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K3G200-AD11-02 ebm-papst EC Fan,Diagonal,115V,50/60Hz,245.5x245.5x90mm,506cfm,65W,2850rpm,Ball Bearing
1-24 :$277.05
25-49 :$249.34
50-99 :$237.43
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K3G400-RT02-I2 ebm-papst Backward Curved Impeller Module With Support Bracket - Variable Speed 230VAC 750 ...
3-4 :$2,708.26
5-7 :$1,715.20
8-9 :$1,105.87
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R4E180-AB01-05 ebm-papst
1-4 :$232.01
5-9 :$214.17
10-24 :$198.86
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S4E300-AS72-30 ebm-papst
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