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FEATURED: Component Moment: T92 Circuit Breaker from TE Connectivity

Component Moment: T92 Circuit Breaker from TE Connectivity
Component Moment: Honeywell ABP Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensor
Tech Exposed: Teardown of the Oculus Rift DK2 takes a part an Oculus Rift DK2 in search of what makes up the finished product. Checkout this short and sweet video to learn more!
Tap Tap Tech: Battery Technology
Josh discusses the immense need for powerful battery technology with new and emerging technologies.
Tap Tap Tech: Wearables
Wearables are hot right now! Josh discusses wearables (the fusion of fashion and technology. Learn more about this multi-billion dollar industry.
Component Moment: KRPA Relays from TE Connectivity
Tap Tap Tech: Screen Technology
This may be an incredibly brief overview of screens, but it’s obvious that screens have come an incredibly long way from their inception and that size and resolution aren’t everything.
Tap Tap Tech: Autonomous Vehicles
Josh discusses autonomous vehicles and walks us through the evolution from the 2004 DARPA grand challenge to the present day.
Tap Tap Tech: Electric Vehicles
Electrical vehicles are hot but hardly new! Josh discusses some of the pros and cons of electric vehicles.
Component Moment: EV200 Relays from TE Connectivity
Tech Xposed: Arduino Buildup
Tech Xposed builds up an Arduino R3 with components from us! Check out the details in this cool video.
Tap Tap Tech: The Internet of Things
It's become a hot topic recently - lots of references to the Jetsons, lots of excitement. IoT really embodies the future that everyone always dreamed of.
Tech Xposed Teardown:GoPro Hero 4
This video features the GoPro Hero 4. This GoPro records 4k video at 30 frames per second. See What's Inside!
Component Moment: W58 Circuit Breaker from TE Connectivity
Tap Tap Tech: Mars
Today, we’re going to discuss Mars – the planet, not the candy maker. Mars has held a cultural interest for the world for literally millenia, being named after the Roman god of war due to its red, angry color. In the late 1800’s, Mars fascination peaked again as research revealed what seemed to be artificial structures – leading to books such War of the Worlds and the Princess of Mars. And now, it seems as if Mars has taken the spotlight again. Curiosity currently wanders the planet, and my office in a much smaller form, NASA just verified that liquid water still flows on today’s Mars, intermittently at least, and the movie “The Martian” was just released, the first decent Mars movie in years.
Tap Tap Tech: The Maker Movement
Josh tells us his thoughts about the the Maker Movement. The maker movement is the new garage hardware explosion!
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